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Xander is an actor born, raised and based in New York City. After graduating from the Dalton School and Cornell University (with a degree in Performing and Media Arts), he studied acting at the National Theater Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center and the Atlantic Acting School. Xander loves acting because it is an art form that allows him to feel. It's an art form that allows him to laugh, to think, and to cry, and Coach Jimmy Valvano says if you do those three things seven days a week you’re going to do something special with your life. Xander enjoys finding the humanity in all sorts of characters from love interests to villains and he prides himself on always taking his character’s side with everything he’s got.

When Xander’s not onstage, in front of the camera, or in the rehearsal room, he’s always playing something. Whether it's flag football, softball, volleyball, pool, darts, bowling or Rummikub, Xander just loves to play. Xander wants nothing more than to work with people who are driven to tell meaningful stories, while never losing this desire to play.

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